Rising from the ashes

This Medina, MN family’s home was gutted by fire. A complete loss, they were determined to rebuild. It took more than a year to complete the new home but the homeowners saw this as a chance to come back even better than before – including the landscape around the home. Southview installed the original landscape, so we had a pretty good idea how our homeowners used their outdoor spaces.

Before: BEFORE: Burned out and devastated by fire

After: AFTER: Rebuilt, with stunning plantings and lush lawns

The new house has large windows and the indoor spaces overlook the landscape both front and back. Here is a list of what they wanted to see when they looked out those windows:

Landscaping Wish List

  • Another fire pit patio – gas-burning
  • Basalt-column water feature
  • Easy access for guests from the driveway
  • Another fire pit patio – gas-burning
  • Night lighting

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Our Design-Build Process

Luxury permeable paver driveway Minneapolis MN landscaping

A gracious first impression

East-facing front of the home catches the sunrise. The front yard garden will thrive in the morning sun. As the trees grow and fill out, they will screen the home from the street and absorb plenty of storm water. Permeable pavers in the driveway stretch in an arc across the front of the house with enough room for guests to enter the grand front entry.

Around the clock beauty

Evening sunsets add color to the back yard. After dark, uplighting on trees and pathlights along the paver sidewalk draw friends into the back yard without having to go through the house.

Expansive paver patio

The fire circle is separated from the larger patio by a curving garden.

Expansive paver patio

Indoor entertainment spaces are connected to the outside spaces with lots of room for fun. Dining and Grill areas are just off to the side of the main fire pit patio – but within just a short distance of the inside family room and kitchen. There is plenty of seating with a combination of comfortable furniture and a Fond du Lac boulder seat wall. The basalt column water feature provides the calming sounds of splashing water.

Patio, fireplace, and Garden. Luxury landscape design near Minneapolis MN

Hardscape Details

  • Natural stone boulders around the fire pit are Fond Du Lac limestone. The same limestone is used as bed edging.
  • Patio and sidewalk pavers are Belgard Urbana.
  • Stucco on the fire pit matches the home’s exterior.
  • Permeable pavers in the driveway are a solution to hardcover issues.

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