Illuminate your Landscape Design

Outdoor lighting is more than just a finishing touch to your Minnesota landscape. Low-voltage lighting should be part of every landscape. A well-designed lighting plan creates a dramatic enhancement of your home and landscape by highlighting colors and textures that might be lost during the day.

Benefits of outdoor landscape lighting

  1. Ambiance. Light up the evening. Extend the time in your outdoor living spaces.
  2. Curb appeal. It adds to the inviting charm of the home (and the value).
  3. Enhancement. Highlight art, architecture of the home, or trees.
  4. Practical. Customize lighting for areas used most, such as the grilling and eating areas.
  5. Safety and Security. Landscape lighting along sidewalks and steps to help prevent trips/falls and provide some home security.

The choices in outdoor lighting fixtures is nearly endless, with new ones coming out every year. Pretty much everyone is familiar with path lights, but there are also up-lights, down-lights, underwater and in-ground lights, plus a number of specialty lights.

It pays to plan ahead

If outdoor lighting is something you want in your Minneapolis/St. Paul landscape, but it’s not in the current budget, we suggest planning ahead. Make sure sleeving is installed under sidewalks, patios, and driveways and any additional electrical outlets are installed when you build your new landscape. This will make adding outdoor lighting less costly in the future because hardscapes will not need to be disturbed.

front of home with LED lighting, dusk, on the lake

Outdoor lighting shows off this magnificent lakeshore resort.

hot tub, pool, and fire pit lighting

Night lighting adds ambiance to this resort-style backyard.

Lighting design adds drama to this contemporary poolscape and water feature.

dining courtyard patio with hanging bauble lights

At night, hanging bauble lights transform this courtyard into a magical retreat.

Sun setting on lake house with swimming pool, fire pit

At night, this Minnesota family's lake house, comes alive. Carefully placed outdoor lighting fixtures illuminate the pool, seating area nearest the house, and the way to the campfire.

outdoor lighting adds curb appeal

Light posts and up-lights illuminate this circular paver driveway.

Landscaping with fire features and night lighting

This luxury outdoor landscape is lit up with electricity and fire at night.

outdoor lighting illuminates steps, deck, and walkway.

Outdoor lighting can add function and beauty. In this backyard, it illuminates the deck and patio which helps the family navigate around the pool at night.

Luxury home with outdoor lighting in Edina, MN

Lighting highlights and emphasizes the architectural details of this home blending rustic and modern design.

Backyard swimming pool with laminar jets and LED lighting

Laminar pool jets with LED lighting in this St. Paul backyard.

outdoor lighting along a paver staircase

Up-lights and sconces embedded in the retaining wall lead the way down this staircase.

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