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2022 Landscape Design Trends

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Reflecting on 2021

In many ways, 2021 was our most monumental year to date. When the pandemic started nearly two years ago, Southview braced for the worst. There was a high level of uncertainty surrounding the future and the landscape industry as a whole. With much anticipation, Southview spent months preparing for a worst-case scenario. However, what came next was a complete shock. The company started receiving tons of calls from homeowners who were looking to invest in their landscapes because they knew they would be spending more time at home than usual.

Flash forward to the 2021 season, and Southview has been busier than ever, working hard (and safe) to provide clients with the outdoor spaces they've always dreamed of. The pandemic has reshaped the industry and inspired a new era of landscape design trends.

Hello, 2022

Since summer 2021, we’ve seen these four trends develop into the new year:

bluestone patio with custom white pergola

An outdoor room adds more space for entertaining.

1. The Backyard Resort

Homeowners are discovering a true value in having outdoor spaces equipped with a kitchen, fire features, swimming pools, and plenty of space to run and play. Many are also adding features to ensure that they can make the most of their space all year round. The longer you can have an outdoor space available to host friends and family, the better!

Improving Life Outdoors: Outdoors Rooms, Pools, Fire Features, and More!

Luxurious Lakefront Lodge

A resort-style rustic home on the lake equipped with a game room, outdoor kitchen, multiple patios, lighting, and fire features. Winner of 2021 NALP Award of Excellence.

Home Sweet Home

Idyllic stay-at-home backyard with a pool house, outdoor sound system, putting green, outdoor kitchen, hot tub, lighting, lower-level fire pit, and fire table.

Gem Lake Jewel

Working through uncooperative weather and into December, our designer and installation crews went the extra mile (or ten) to create this suburban luxury landscape.

swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, spa and fireplace with covered pergola

Synthetic turf is durable alternative to a high-maintenance lawn.

2. Minimal Maintenance

Low-maintenance everything! From easy-care plantings to synthetic turf and app-controlled irrigation/lighting systems, homeowners are looking for ways to simplify upkeep and spend more time enjoying their space with friends and family.

Low Maintenace Landscapes: Synthetic Turf, Minimalist Softscapes and more!

Modern on Minnetonka

Designed in partnership with John Kraemer & Sons and featured on the 2021 Artisan Home Tour, this modern masterpiece made a bold transformation.

No-Mow Forest Backyard

This backyard blends modern and natural elements together to create a low-maintenance outdoor living space with a plunge pool, terraced patios, a fire table, water feature, and a outdoor great room.

Minnesota Family Lakehouse Landscape

A lake home landscape designed around a swimming pool for the extended family to enjoy.

low-maintenance garden and yard, fire table, path lights, swimming pool

Eliminating turf saves water and time.

3.Conservation and Sustainability

Consistent with what we predicted last year, water conservation and sustainability remain a priority. Technology has always been a driver in our industry, and now it's being put to use for both convenience and conservation. High-tech irrigation systems that deliver the right amount of water, at the right time, and are controllable from a smart phone are helping homeowners maximize efficiency. In other instances, homeowners are selecting more sustainable options, such as permeable pavers.

Conservation in action: Take a Tour!

Ohm Sweet Ohm Wins Awards for Sustainable Building

Net-zero home with energy-saving features and a sustainable landscape design is recognized by Green Builder Media, AIA Minneapolis.

No-Mow Forest Backyard

This backyard blends modern and natural elements together to create a low-maintenance outdoor living space with a plunge pool, terraced patios, a fire table, water feature, and a outdoor great room.

Sustainable Landscaping

Southview Design is committed to healthy and sustainable landscaping practices.

outdoor rooms double as workspaces during pandemic

Outdoor structures and rooms double as enviable workspaces.

4. The rise of the outdoor workstation

The COVID-19 pandemic shaped the landscape industry in ways we could have never imagined. With many transitioning to a remote work environment, Polywood Outdoor Furniture is forecasting increased demand for exterior workstations. Whether it be a designated exterior office or simply a quiet place to plug in, we are expecting this emerging trend to be a common request through the 2022 season and beyond.

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