Five Hot Tub Tips for Frigid Temps and Minnesota Winters

Soak away the winter chill

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5 Essential Tips for Wintertime hot tub use

Minnesota winters can be harsh, but cozying up in your hot tub is a great way to find warmth and relaxation all season long. With proper planning and maintenance, soaking away the winter chill in your own hot tub can be safe, affordable, and deeply enjoyable. Follow these best practices, and you'll be warming up from the inside out in no time!

Hot tub with laminar jet overlooking a paver patio with cedar pergola and a backyard kitchen

Shielded by a stone veneer, this backyard hot tub remains well-insulated throughout the winter months.

Choose a Hot Tub with Proper Insulation

Proper insulation is key to maintaining your hot tub's temperature in cold weather. Look for high-quality materials like foam or fiberglass and a well-fitting cover without gaps. An additional floating thermal blanket can provide an extra layer of insulation against heat loss.

raised hot tub set into concrete overlooking a swimming pool and pool house

Throughout the winter, this built-in hot tub is safeguarded by a custom, automatic cover.

Maintain Regularly

Don't let your hot tub maintenance slide in winter! Regular upkeep prevents problems and keeps your spa running properly when temps drop. Check for leaks, maintain water chemistry, and keep snow and ice off the cover. Check out this handy hot tub maintenance checklist.

Winterize the Plumbing

It's no secret Minnesota has its fair share of extreme winter weather. Take steps to winterize the plumbing system and prevent pipes from freezing and bursting in extreme cold. Pipe insulation and heat tape can help protect against the elements. Many hot tubs have built-in freeze protection features as well.

stainless steel hot tub surrounded by abluestone patio

Set into a vault, this custom stainless steel hot tub was specifically designed for year-round use.

Mind the Placement

Turn up the heat in your backyard by placing your hot tub closer to your home for easier access. Studies show hot tubs are used more often when they are conveniently located. Also, take necessary precautions to ensure you can enjoy your hot tub without concerns about slips, falls, or exposure to extreme cold.

Add a Windscreen

Install a windbreak or windscreen to shield your hot tub from harsh winds, prevent heat loss, and create a cozy soaking experience even on cold days. It also enhances privacy while insulating your spa.

built in hot tub overlookinh swimming pool

When in doubt, call your hot tub manufacturer for advice on wintertime use.

Bonus Tip: Consult Your Manufacturer

Always check with your hot tub company for specific winter care guidelines. Different models have unique recommendations to follow.

With this expert advice in mind, you can relax, unwind, and warm up in your own backyard hot tub all Minnesota winter long. Contact Southview Design today to get started on your dream backyard oasis!

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