2023 Landscape Design Trends | Minnesota

TRENDING: Fun and Functional Entertainment Spaces

Backyard Entertainment Hubs

From Swimming Pools to outdoor kitchens and more

Since the pandemic, homeowners have increasingly sought ways to optimize the use of their backyard spaces. From the installation of swimming pools to the creation of outdoor kitchens that showcase gourmet expertise. Backyard entertainment spaces and resorts offer a seamless blend of relaxation and recreation, right at your back door. These spaces provide a haven for both leisure and social gatherings, allowing homeowners and visitors to escape the daily grind without venturing away from home.

Backyard resorts are often viewed as extensions of indoor living, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility and luxury. Whether seeking a private retreat or a communal hub, backyard entertainment spaces epitomize modern living.

Idyllic stay-at-home backyard with a pool house, outdoor sound system, putting green, and four awards for excellence in landscape design and construction.

Incorporating the homeowners' love of hills, mountains, and water, this grand fireplace patio is the perfect space to relax on a cool Minnesota evening.

Between the swimming pool, outdoor living room, fully appointed kitchen, and fire patio this backyard resort has no shortage of places to relax and have fun with family or friends.

This kid-friendly entertainment zone is in the front yard. Surprise!

Located high on a bluff, a million-dollar view was the perfect backdrop for the entertainment hub the clients always dreamed of.

Favorites from the Friends & Family Collection

Making a Splash

These homeowners expressed interest in a backyard swimming pool but were doubtful one would fit in their small Minneapolis backyard. With a little creativity, Southview was able to bring the client's vision to life.

Vermillion Vista

Captivating swimming pool landscape in Hastings MN designed with every amenity for maximum comfort and fun.

Neighborhood Games

A regulation horseshoe pitch attracts neighbors like a magnet to this Minneapolis MN side yard. The landscaping includes two patios and a large seat wall for spectators.

Backyard Outdoor Living and Dining Room

Maple Plain, MN patio divided into an outdoor living room and dining room by an elegant Bluestone pathway.

Plymouth Landscape Upgrade

These homeowners love their unique home. Unfortunately, their existing outdoor spaces were inadequate for entertaining.

Safe Haven

A spectacular paver driveway welcomes guests to this Eden Prairie home and backyard haven.

Plan and Build in the Fall

Avoid Permit Delays

Larger, more complex landscapes take time to design and acquire permits to build. Meet with a designer or landscape architect this fall! Be ready to build early in the spring. Don't waste your precious summer waiting for a permit.

Savor Autumn

Smaller, less complex projects (like a garden, patio or paver driveway) can be planned and built in just a few weeks, not months. So why wait for spring? You can be sitting by the fire or firing up the grill before you know it!

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Fall is the best time for landscaping!

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