A New Solution

From Bluestone to Brick Pavers

After noticing the work Southview did for the neighbors a couple houses over, these homeowners recruited Southview to redesign their small yard. This family of four was looking for new plantings and evergreens to add privacy and a bluestone patio and driveway. After revealing that bluestone would not be best suited for this yard, the designer came up with a new solution-- beautiful, vibrant brick pavers. The designer chose this for practical reasons, but also to complement the brick color on the house.

Brick front steps with clay paver patio in herringbone pattern concrete paver border.

A practical and stylish design

Marrying two patios and a driveway

A significant portion of the project had to be used as a driveway since the clients would be driving on it (hence why bluestone wouldn't have worked). This also meant that the pavers then had to be thick enough to be driven on. The Unilock pavers were chosen for the same reason. Nevertheless, these heavy duty materials are stylish and effectively define the backyard spaces.

How did we make this Small Yard Feel Bigger?

  1. We abandoned the existing patio footprint which was small and was made to feel smaller by the line of grasses separating the driveway and patio spaces.
  2. We rebuilt the steps from the patio doors, reducing the top landing space which had allowed for two Adirondack chairs and severely cut into the patio space below.
  3. We paved into the planting bed where the grasses were and utilized planters at strategic corners to provide vertical spatial cues.
  4. We took up the concrete in front of the steps to the back door and extended the paved space further into the backyard.

Before: Little privacy and no defined spaces.

After: A yard that has it all. Space to entertain, eat and play.

Move the slider to reveal the before and after

This yard is equipped with lawn space, two patios, and a half basketball court. Along the fence are evergreens which provide just the right amount of privacy.

​White french doors open into the dining patio​.

After a couple games each of H-O-R-S-E and Knock Out, this family gathers around the table and enjoys a cold glass of tea along with their lunch.

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