Protect your shoreline from erosion with long-lasting Rip Rap

Riprap is essential for safeguarding shorelines against erosion, preserving property integrity, and maintaining natural habitats. With decades of experience and a dedicated team of experts, Southview Design brings unparalleled expertise to every project. We provide riprap installation services to protect your shoreline against erosion while ensuring the final result adds to the overall appeal of your property. Our customized solutions are tailored to suit your property's unique needs, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Riprap installation on Prior Lake

Shoreline security meets lakeside charm with this picture-perfect lakeshore, featuring sturdy riprap for erosion control and peace of mind.

lake minnetonka rip rap installation and shoreline restoration

Glacial riprap boulders are clean and free of debris when installed to prevent deterioration.

Riprap Installation on Lake Minnetonka Shoreline

Nestled along the shores of Lake Minnetonka, this modern lakeshore landscape design seamlessly blends opulence and nature. The project features spotless riprap installation, balancing durability with a contemporary aesthetic.

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Experts in Lakeshore Restoration

Southview Design meticulously plans and executes each shoreline project, considering factors like soil composition, water flow dynamics, and ecological impact to ensure lasting protection. Our team works with local agencies to ensure shoreline landscape designs and riprap installations comply with DNR and watershed district regulations. When it comes to your lakeshore restoration project, trust Southview to get it right.

Massive boulder retaining wall and Lake Minnetonka

When storms and waves attack the shoreline, riprap prevents erosion.

At Southview Design, client satisfaction is paramount. From project inception to completion, you can expect attentive service, transparent communication, and a dedication to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

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shoreline restoration and rip rap installation in Minnesota

Riprap provides a robust defense against erosion, stabilizing shorelines and protecting adjacent properties, infrastructure, and natural habitats from the detrimental effects of erosion.

Extensive Shoreline Restoration Project in Siren, Wisconsin.

This award-winning shoreline restoration project features over 400 ft of riprap, engineered to enhance both the resilience and aesthetics along the shoreline.

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Projects with Riprap Installation

Landscape Design and Architecture | Lakeshore Collection

Luxurious Lakefront Lodge

A resort-style rustic home on the lake equipped with a game room, outdoor kitchen, multiple patios, lighting, and fire features. Winner of 2021 NALP Award of Excellence.

Turtle Lake Escape

Situated on Turtle Lake in Shoreview MN, this lakefront landscape design features a picturesque firepit, fresh rip rap, a new patio, and an elegant softscape.

Lakeside Jewel

Expansive views and dramatic landscape design include an Infinity swimming pool, fire features, an outdoor kitchen, and a hot tub.

Resort Living on Lake Minnetonka

Nestled along the shores of Lake Minnetonka, this modern lakeshore landscape design seamlessly blends opulence and nature. Designed in partnership with builder John Kraemer & Sons and architects Murphy & Co, the home and outdoor space is an entertainer's paradise.

Space for a Wedding

In just 10 days, Southview Design transformed this Eden Prairie landscape into an idyllic setting for a wedding.

Minnesota Family Lakehouse Landscape

A lake home landscape designed around a swimming pool for the extended family to enjoy.

Modern on Minnetonka

Designed in partnership with John Kraemer & Sons and featured on the 2021 Artisan Home Tour, this modern masterpiece made a bold transformation.

Private Lakeside Paradise

Five years in the making, this secluded backyard will take your breath away. Overcoming significant construction challenges to combine lake access and a private pool.